Thursday, February 4, 2010

fun valentine finds for my babes.

ok. i know my babes isn't even 2 yet, but i love holidays! i found these fun treats to celebrate heart day!

1. frosted cookies. (no, they aren't calorie OR fat free.) 

2. (2) grow yer own red valentine flowers. (i will send follow up pics, if they grow?)

3. carebear notebook for drawing and writing notes in. 

4. (2) mrs. fields carmels. (3 pack - these are for me & hubby)

5. reynolds individual heart baking tins.  (we will be baking some healthy brownies and decorating with icing and valentine sprinkles.)

6. nihao kai-lan mini valentine see n' say. (super presh & there were boy versions too!)

love to see yer treats. forward on!


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