Tuesday, October 26, 2010

its that halloween time again...

its that halloween time again! i have been really busy this october and i have some great ideas for you, in case you have been busy too! 


here are some fun and FREE jack-o-lantern faces from SWAN'S PUMPKIN FARM in WI that you can download and print out and use as a stencil on your very own pumpkin!


all you do is tape on your pumpkin and punch small holes on the outline of the black images. take the paper off and start cutting your design! remember to put vaseline all over the edge of your design and the inside of the pumpkin. it helps your pumpkin from turning yucky before your ready for it to go!


1.  lay parchment paper down for easy cleaning. newspaper can get wet and the ink can stain your kitchen table.

2. get two bowls to divide your pumpkin scraps in.  scoop all of the insides into one bowl, including the seeds.  

once you have cleaned out the "guts" then you can scrape the good pumpkin off the walls of the inside of the pumpkin and place in another bowl.  

scrap as much fresh pumpkin as you want or need for your favorite recipe. you can always steam + puree + freeze it for a recipe later.  (DONT MISS directions on what to do with the fresh pumpkin. recipes to come!)

3. sort your pumkin seeds out of the "guts" bowl and lay out on a cookie sheet until they dry out. these will be good for making your own roasted pumpkin seeds! yum!

Here is how our pumpkin turned out! 
here is a NO MESS pumpkin decoration idea.  these are great if you have lil ones and they aren't old enough to help clean and carve a pumpkin! i found both of these items in the halloween decorating section of TARGET.



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