Wednesday, May 5, 2010

oops. i missed earth day.

ok. well i know i missed earth day...but isn't every day earth day??!!  well i wanted to share with you some products that i think you can have fun with and help save our planet at the same time. :: w i n k ::

BUZZZZZZZ!!! taylor got this fun gift for her 2nd birthday from her pal COLE! its by a company called SPRIG and this eco-friendly toy is called dragonfly’s heli-scoopter !  its made by recyclable material and it is a 5 in 1 play-set! it includes a dragonfly, heli-scoopter/sand scoop, landing pad/sand sifter, and wildflower seeds. this eco-friendly playset is fun and can be used as your tot's garden tool and they can grow their own flowers too! there are so many other eco-friendly toys by SPRIG that you can check out here.  the website also has color sheets you can print and fun activities on their website for your tot!  We love it. Gooooo earth! home page
home depot is making it easier for you to make eco-friendly choices when you shop for your home.  they have created this great web page so that you can find out about products that make a difference.  You can learn where to dispose of your energy saving light bulbs, best way to be energy efficient, water conservation, and more.  you can even do a home efficiency audit to see where your household stands.  its worth the time to check it out.  even if you do one thing it will make a difference.

GREEN POMEGRANATE is the perfect whimsical store. their products consists of vintage or recycled materials forgotten or unused. each hand taylored piece is made entirely of recycled cottons, vintage linens and other unique materials.  they don't only carry clothes...
they also carry cool unique gifts that are recycled or handmade as well!  

they have two locations in atlanta now - virginia highlands and serenbe, ga

if you are not in atlanta...don't fret. keep your eyes out for more stores to open! 

nooooo...that's not my new pet name for you.  its this wonderful amazing product line by ORE'.
she has amazing products that she designs for you as well as your tots. she has home organizational items, pet products, and of course the sugar booger line for tots.

these trays are one of my new faves. it makes dinner time easy, and the food doesn't touch. (very important in my household!) You get the food tray, 6-ounce cup, fork and spoon. All items are non-toxic, post-industrial recycled melamine in their construction. the material that they use gives each tray set a one of a kind look! they are dishwasher safe but are not made for microwave use. (but you shouldn't be putting plastic in microwaves anyways!) ORE' states that "re-using a common material such as melamine that would otherwise be destined for landfill is a plus for the environmentally conscious and it's just plain good for the planet." 

well sugar booger, we agree.

ps. you can find these trays at GREEN POMEGRANATE in ATLANTA or order them ONLINE.

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