Wednesday, April 22, 2009



happy earth day...

Here are some great things to keep you GREEN...

Stubby Pencil Studio

Great online store for eco-friendly products. They have a lot of great things from toys, art supplies, do-it-yourself kits, birthday party favors, etc. This cute jungle backpack for your kids is durable, eco-coated, cotton backpacks made with an acrylic (not plastic or PVC) coating that makes them permanently water and soil resistant. Easy to wipe clean or machine wash, they have adjustable straps, a sturdy zipper, a loop for hanging, and are roomy inside. Choose from Flora Blue, Hybrid Cars, or Jungle...This is one of the items that was my fave, but I have more. You should definitely check out their other products! You can't go wrong being eco-aware!

Click here to go to the Stubby Pencil Studio site


Start recyling at your home! Your lil babes will appreciate it in the future! You can start by labeling trash cans in your house for recylcing products! Here are some recycling decals to get you started!! You get 9 circle decals and you can choose your background color, and the arrows are white. They are about 3 inches wide/tall & custom sizes and amounts are available! Teach your tot to be earth friendly!

Go here to check them out!

Neat Solutions - Table topper

Ok Ok...I can't tell you how much I love the products of this company. I use the table topper the most! It is such a saver when you go to a restaurant and you want to be able to use the table to feed your child. It has adheasive strips on the top and the bottom so you can easily apply it to the table! I do have to say, my little one likes to pull it off when she is done, but for the most part it is sticky enough to keep it on druing meal time! The BIG PLUS is the placemats and packaging is bio-degradable and eco-friendly! Don't worry, it won't bio-degrade until you dispose of the the shelf life is never a concern! WE LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! They have more products that I think you will love too - changing table covers, disposable bibs, etc. They are availabe at Babies R Us, Target, and other local vendors.

Check Neat Solutions out here!

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