Wednesday, March 18, 2009

FOR THE BABES::Now on the web!

Hey babes! For The Babes is now finally on the web! Whew...took us long enough, right!? Of course we are a fairly new blog for all of you newbies out there, but we are going strong. Make sure you sign up on our email list, so you will get the emails first before it is on the blog and we will also update you on events in your area that won't be listed on the blog!

We are still running the contest til April on who refers the most people to sign up for the email list. You can win some of the products that For The Babes has featured!!
so get on it, babes!

We are also now on TWITTER so sign up! You can get real time info on cool items and events!

Holla at yer gal!

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